Noble sets off to claim the heart of Hatsune Miku.

Episode Listing

Episode Title Date Uploaded
1 Picking girls off the street September 13th, 2014
Meeting maid robots,and an opera singing Santa robot along the way, virtual Noble proceeds to go get drunk, give us some back story, and quiet literally pick Hatsune Miku up off the street. At least he's not a teen danger
2 Inappropriate stripping and touching September 14th, 2014
Managing to carry Miku all the way to his house without being seen virtual Noble takes an interest in why Miku was left on the street. He eventually decided to try and start her up, but it would prove to have indecent prerequisites.
3 She's alive!!! September 15th, 2014
Noble finds Miku's port, and while waiting for her to activate, he steals a long look at her face, noting the cuteness. Miku also wakes up this episode, making Nobo scream like a girl at her lack of clothing, Miku has also gone to the Pokemon school of communication.
4 Why's it so hard to put clothes on? September 17th, 2014
Virtual Noble tries to make Miku get dressed, but has to help, and on top of it all he doesn't even do it correctly.
5 She can speak! September 18th, 2014
Virtual Noble finishes getting Miku dressed, and reads a manual, which teaches him how to set languages and oral cavity harmonics. Oh and there's an awkward conversation in there too.
6 Instant past trauma healing September 19th, 2014
The awkward conversation continues, Miku proves she is a psychic, oh and main charter has a poor history with bands.
7 Programmed for love September 22nd, 2014
We hear, or see rather, Miku humming, sleeping arrangements are made, and we see how human-ish Miku is with, eating, sleeping, and even personal hygienic needs, to end it all there is yet another awkward situation.
8 Miku... singing September 23nd, 2014
Arguments over putting away a futon, virtual virtual Noble attempts to go full emo, and Miku fails at singing.
9 Miku wants to be taught~ September 24th, 2014
Singing lessons, remembering bands, playing guitar whilst Miku tries to sing again, sounds like a brilliant time!
10 Stockings!!! September 25th, 2014
Miku is bashful, virtual Noble is creeping, and Noble is... also creeping
11 Do you think I'm pretty? September 26th, 2014
They eat dinner, and have a slight disagreement over who should clean. Noble also shows how slick he can be, but, of course, follows it with a comment on how much she eats, then swings things around again with a complement.
12 Please grab my booblies!
13 Awkward panties shopping
14 White T-shirt Pajamas
15 Sleeping with Miku
16 Learning Miku's extra functions
17 She can sing! (For real this time)
18 Hardcore teasing
19 Holding hands!? Is that possible?
20 She wants to give you cake
21 One hard blow
22 A hatsu kissu!?
23 Finally some smooching!
24 Noble's too slow~
25 Tears of trolling!?
26 Ditching virtual noble
27 Nudey love confessions
28 Sassy malfunction!?
29 Miku's terrible secret
30 The first signs
31 Goodbye, Miku... goodbye
32 Bouncing back
33 Reclaiming our waifu!
34 Sharing our waifu with the world! (FINALE) October 20th, 2014


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