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Edition on the wikia: What to do

Since people do things that aren't coordinated with what the wikia has to look like, here's a few things:


  • When you write something, please use a correct language, it may be a fan page, it's still a wikia!
  • If you have any suggestion on how to improve the wikia, feel free to post a comment on my page or on Aperture's page.
  • An admin can overwrite/undo all of your work if he thinks it isn't correct/satisfying for the wikia, please contact him before redo your work!

(PS: I'm sick and can't be behind my computer all the time, please wait if I don't answer immediatly.)

Creating a Page

Before creating a page, please be sure that there isn't an existent page and that anybody already plans on doing the page. If you don't know, please ask me!


  1. Enter the link: of your game
  2. Create the page and add {{subst:GamePage}}
  3. Save your page and edit it using the classic editor. (To use the classic editor, right click on edit -> classic editor)
  4. Complete the information about the game, include the episode listing, (BE CAREFUL of the colspan row for the description).
    • To add a row, right-click on the last row and select row -> add row after
    • Do this 2 time for one episode.
    • To separate the first row you created: Cell -> Split Cell Horizontally. Do this 2 times to have 3 cells on the row.
  5. Add Trivia: Specific characters appearances, endings list by episode, some funny things happening,...
  6. To add categories, refer to the section below.


  1. For the moment, please DO NO CREATE a page for this section.


  1. For the moment, please DO NO CREATE a page for this section.

Editing a Page


Please DO NOT EDIT a page without knowing if someone already takes care of it, refer to the discord or ask me on my wall.

  1. When you edit a page, be sure not to overwrite the current content.
  2. Add the episodes to the list, change the status if needed, and a trivias if they are some. (Refer to this section for the episode table.)
  3. DO NOT ADD CATEGORIES, the only things you may have to do is changing the on-going serie to finished serie (or others)


  1. For the moment, please DO NO EDIT a page for this section.


  1. For the moment, please DO NO EDIT a page for this section.


This section will list all the categories you can add on a page depending of the content. If you aren't sure, say it on the trivia and ask an admin about it. Please, BE CAREFUL to use existent category and not creating a new one!

  • Type of Page
    1. Character: If the page is about a character
    2. Game: If the page is about a game and was posted on the youtube channel.
    3. Livestream: If the game was live streamed. (Doesn't matter if the game was uploaded or not on the youtube channel)
    4. Video: If the page is about a video that isn't a gaming one. (AskNobleSenpai, Reaction videos,...) DO NOT use the category Videos, it's for something else!

For Game pages

  • Status of the game
    1. Completed Serie: If the game is finished.
    2. On-going Serie: If the game is currently on-going.
    3. Unfinished Serie: If Noble dropped a game. (Katawa Shoujo, Akiba's Trip,...)
  • Depend on the number of episode
    1. Long Series: If Noble uploads more than 3 episodes of the game.
    2. Short Series: If Noble uploads less than 3 episodes of the game.
  • Depend on the kind of game it is.
    1. Horror: If it's an horror game.
    2. RPG: If the game is an rpg.
    3. Visual Novel: If the game is a visual novel.
  • Additional info
    1. Name Serie: If several game are from the same serie (NekoPara, Neptunia,...), use create a category for them, if none existent, generally, it will be the generic name (NekoPara, HyperDimension Neptunia, PRincess Evangile,...)
    2. Year: Use the year when the FIRST episode of the game was posted as a category.

To-do list

On thinking

  • Add new templates on the main page/ create a mainpage/welcome thingy.
    1. News
    2. Add new quotes.
    3. Add the facts to an other template
  • Reorganize Categories, Templates
  • Ask for javascript

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