I have been toiling away building and designing some stuff to help improve this lost pause wikia by building a dummy wiki(link below). first thing is designing a presentable layout, experimenting with how wikia edits stuff learning Wikimarkup was interesting shares the same style as Markdown. next was some cool ideas and random stuff that could help lessen the burden of people trying to break the wikia. not exactly done with these but here are the list:

  • lost pause subscriber count and date: I tried how tdoes the subscribe button but didn't work out correctly next iframe youtube realtime subscribers but verbatim tag was disabled wasted more time on this than failing on the subscribe button. so next experiment will be using a custom infobox builder although from what I have researched this wikia doesn't seem to have access to updates to the new wikia stuff that.
  • Twitch stream embed: not sure if that would work as well but we'll see on the next lost pause live stream, it may come in handy. idk.
  • Customizing Navigation links
  • Editable Ongoing and Finished: just finished the layout but will add custom infoboxes later
  • Series Archiving: have ideas will implement them later
  • Customizing per episodes articles: haven't done it still in planning, although merging this into a series article and do some custom infoboxes. rather than waste pages.

well, for now that's pretty much I can say. oh yeah just finished a Noble Quote Generator only added a 3 quotes from 2015 quotes. also badges those experimental badges are cool in the experiment tab, it kinda helps moral at least for me to keep on working heh.

Update: 3/12/16

WIPs in Highest Priority

  1. Channel Stats - Sidebar
  2. List of Ongoing and Recently Finished - Main content area
  3. Series Archives
  4. Base: all infoboxes
  5. Tidy the CSS
  6. Random Nobel Quotes - Sidebar


find all these in please try not to edit anything :(